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Peripheral nervous system may play a role in autism

20 October, 2020

A new exploratory study suggests that the peripheral nervous system — the nerves that control our sense of touch, pain and other sensations — may play a role in autism.

Treating coughs by targeting the brain

19 October, 2020

It may be possible to treat a troublesome chronic cough without disrupting the protective cough we need for optimal lung health by targeting the different brain circuits involved.

Flexible targets result in more finely tuned antibodies

16 October, 2020

Researchers have uncovered a key strategy the immune system uses to generate effective antibodies, which could inform vaccine design for some challenging viruses.

Blocking inflammation in motor neurone disease

15 October, 2020

By blocking an immune sensor called STING, researchers could dramatically prevent inflammation in MND patient cells, paving the way for a new class of drugs.

SARS-Cov-2 mutations should not affect vaccine viability

14 October, 2020 by Lauren Davis

Johnson & Johnson says it has temporarily paused all its COVID-19 vaccine trials, and CSIRO denies that changes in the virus would affect the efficacy of vaccine candidates.

Humans are still evolving, forearm artery research reveals

13 October, 2020

Researchers have revealed a significant increase in the prevalence of the median artery in humans since the late 19th century, suggesting that our species is still evolving.

How is obesity linked to the brain?

09 October, 2020

A growing body of evidence suggests that obesity is a disease whose roots are in the brain.

Gene discovery progresses the fight against sepsis

08 October, 2020

Scientists have identified and characterised the gene responsible for immune cell death and inflammation during sepsis — a disease that kills 11 million people per year.

Donor-conceived offspring at risk of immunological diseases

01 October, 2020

Adults conceived through sperm donation report higher frequencies of allergies, type 1 diabetes and other autoimmune conditions.

Babies' brain activity used to predict autism diagnosis

24 September, 2020

Signature brain activity in three-month-old infants has been used to predict symptoms of autism spectrum disorder that wouldn't be visible until later in life.

'Breastfeeding' hormone present in new dads

10 September, 2020

New fathers are flooded with prolactin — the same chemical found in breastfeeding mothers — which unlocks the paternal instinct and helps to make them better dads.

Poor sleep raises blood pressure, alters gut microbiome

07 September, 2020

US researchers aimed to determine whether a 28-day period of disrupted sleep changed the gut microbiota in rats.

Preclinical results and a call for volunteers: UQ COVID study

02 September, 2020

The COVID-19 vaccine trial, which has produced positive indications about its potential effectiveness and manufacturability, is being expanded to an older demographic.

Immune cells 'exhausted' by severe viral infection

31 August, 2020

Researchers have identified mechanisms leading to the functional deterioration of the immune system in response to severe viral infections, such as HIV or COVID-19.

Intravacc announces vaccine candidates for RSV, gonorrhoea

26 August, 2020

Intravacc has published the phase I study results of its vaccine candidate for respiratory syncytial virus — a major cause of lower respiratory tract infections.

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